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Crochet Joy™ (FREE)

Crochet Joy™ (FREE)

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Want something versatile?
Our Crochet Rings are designed for everyone, offering full adjustability to fit any finger size. Crafted with flexibility in mind, these rings provide a comfortable and secure fit for all hands, ensuring consistent yarn tension without issue. They also look pretty!

Trouble with consistent yarn tension?

Tired of uneven tension ruining your crochet projects? These rings prevent that by providing consistent yarn tension through all of those long crocheting sessions. No more uneven stitches, wasted yarn, and especially the frustration and urge of scrapping the entire project.

Do your hands hurt? 

Because of the ergonomic design and their ability to hold consistent yarn tension, our rings RELIEVE you from hand fatigue and yarn burns as well. You can now focus on long Crochet projects without having to worry about callouses or your fingers going numb!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 468 reviews
N'Lissa Yee
Took Longer Than Expected

Finally received my ring after a long wait and I can guarantee it is real. I wasn’t too worried about the shipping speed as the ring itself was free. The only issue I have is that I hadn’t realized the carp ring faces the other direction making it better to wear on the right hand. I wish that it had been labeled for lefties, but I will figure out a way to make it work as it is a fantastic idea.

Omar Mack

Crochet Joy™ (FREE)

Melissa Mendez
Wow just Wow

I'm very impressed with the Crochet Joy. I wasn't even sure I was going to receive it. It's good quality and very useful. Would definitely recommend.

Allie Pritchett

Exactly what I pictured! Thank you!